Child Safety Tips and Programs

empowering children with the knowledge they need to grow up safe and unafraid

Child Safety Tips and Programs offers educational material, services and safety tips for discussion and local training for children, parents, child care providers, educators and law enforcement officials.  We believe all children deserve to grow up safe and unafraid.  As a parent, teacher or child care provider, you are the first line of defense against anyone harming a child.  There are many books and programs available to teach elementary kids and teens about staying safe, but very few books that address staying safe in a fun, comprehensive manner using age appropriate language for three to five year old children.  By utilizing the safety rules as presented in our books, The ABC's and 123's of Child Safetyand the bilingual version,A-B-C Learn Safety With Me, you will give young children some of the tools they may need to stay safe in various scenarios.  

Many predators are starting to groom their victims at earlier ages by plying them with gifts and teaching them to keep secrets from their Mom and Dad.  Since most parents have not discussed "stranger awareness" with their children this young, many kids do not know how to respond and are therefore easily victimized.  But, if you start teaching kids at age two or three years old the life safety skills presented in our books, staying safe should feel as natural as saying their ABC's and 123's!

About us

Sharon M. Blacknall is the CEO/Owner of Child Safety Tips and Programs and co-Founder of Military Veterans Against Child Abuse, a nonprofit committed to educating young children and the community about child safety.  She is an Author, Child Safety Advocate, USAF Veteran, Motivational Speaker, Wife and Mother of two children. Sharon and her husband, James, reside in San Antonio, Texas.

Linda Ray is a very talented Artist, Illustrator, Interior Designer and co-owner of the best Expresso Bar and Roastery in Las Vegas, NV called Avery's Coffee.  Whether she is working on new illustrations or a high end design project, she approaches each with refined grace and dedication.  Linda and her husband, Sherman, have served in church ministries and philanthropy for over 20 years.  She is a Mother of four children and Grandmother to oodles of grandchildren.  Linda and her family reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.