From the Midwest Book Review - Reviewer's Choice for May 2013 Edition Children's Bookwatch

"The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is more than an alphabet and counting picture book.  Its colorful illustrations and simple instructions are meant to be shared between parents (or preschool educators) and children ages 2-5, as a means of teaching basic safety principles.  From "K - Kick - If someone you don't know tries to grab you, you should fight back, KICK, scream loudly and try to run away!" to "P - Pool - Samson says, 'Always ask Mom or Dad for permission before getting into a POOL!  Do not get in the water without an adult there to watch you.", drilling these basic tips could quite literally save a young child's life.  The bright, charming pictures and the friendly faces of the multicultural "All-Star Safety Patrol Kids" make learning safe behavior fun, not frightening.  The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is designed to be a personalized book, encouraging little ones to write their own name, age, grandparents' names, etc. int he counting section.  An excellent gift for little ones or their parents.  The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is worthy of the highest recommendation."

From the Family Review Center Association - Editor's Choice Award 2014 for A-B-C Learn Safety With Me

"A short picture book that teaches safety and social awareness.  It is a bilingual book, in English and Spanish.  It starts by having your child write in answers, such as Mom's name, address, phone number, grandpa's name etc.  Once it has all of that information, it has a little award certificate to fill out rewarding them for learning all of this information so they are ready for an emergency.  Then the story begins again, with an A-Z theme, page by page, all with a safety theme.  This is a book that is excellent for preschoolers thru grade 1, depending on the child.  The lessons learned from this book are valuable and ones every child should know, understand and remember.  Well written and beautifully illustrated."

"...When Sharon talks to our children about safety, they listen and they learn.  But, not only do the kids learn, they frequently teach their own parents about such basic safety concerns as the need to wear a seat belt.  Sharon's new book, "The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety, continues to receive terrific reviews from parents and professionals alike.  The book itself is foundational for what Sharon strives to accomplish - to ensure that our children know and put into practice, along with their parents, the basics of safety...."  - Ben D. Craver, Assistant Executive Director and Campus Dean at Wayland Baptist University

"I would like to thank Ms. Sharon Blacknall for her wonderful presentation that she conducted for our preschool children, at the Lackland Child Development Center.  The book "The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety", was a great hit with our children.  Sharon touched on topics such as ants, bullying, electric plugs, stray dogs, gifts from strangers, just to name a few.  Her enthusiasam and expressive tone kept the children engaged.  She gave the children time for questions, and then recognized each one individually with a coin and said that they were now "All-Star Safety Patrol Kids."  She ended the presentation by playing the song "Happy" and the children all danced." - Leti Cuellar, Training & Curriculum Specialist, Lackland Child Development Center

"It is important to teach safety to children, so that they are aware of things that could be dangerous around them.  It is also important to teach them how to react when they are in a negative situation.  Most elementary school aged children get educated through their school in a variety of ways.  At our childcare facility, we have preschoolers and there isn't much curriculum for them.  It's very important to find creative ways to teach preschoolers about safety.  They need visuals that are simple, memorable and not scary.  The program is a great educational age appropriate book for preschoolers." - Julie Tibbit, Director of Grace Point Church Daycare and Preschool Ministry

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We also like to thank San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro for his support in our fight against child abuse and The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety.

We would like to thank San Antonio District 4 Councilman Rey Saldaña for his support of The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety as a tool in the fight for child abuse prevention. 

Big thank you to Universal City Councilman Adam E. Salyer and Pete Arguello from Congressman Henry Cuellar's office for their support of The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety and the bilingual version, A-B-C Learn Safety With Me.

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